Lyn Santos was born and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a member of Bucc N Flvr (Flavor), a squad of dancers with a mission to Spread Love, Spread Light and Have Fun through Hip Hop Flavor and K.R.U.M.P. dance. In 2010, under the direction of Lenny Len, she furthered her dance training and have since become a principal dancer for, an online video tutorial website with students and members from around the world; sharing and utilizing Lenny Len’s multi-dimensional (3-D) approach in dance education. She continues to represent Toronto, Canada both in K.R.U.M.P. and Hip Hop Flavor; teaching to children, youths and adults across Canada, in the United States and internationally in the Dominican Republic.

Lyn recently completed her film “Home” a Hip Hop dance documentary and performance piece highlighting emerging female immigrant artists utilizing dance to connect to their roots, their culture…their homeland. Home is proudly supported by VIBE Arts and was Lyn’s first time fulfilling the role as Director.  You can also find Lyn teaching and mentoring dance to inner city children and youths, traveling with Flavorshop teaching all ages and enjoying married life with her husband, Bucc N Flvr member, Ben Santos. 

Check out Lyn’s film project “Home” here.



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