As far back as she can remember,  Queenie Seguban was always singing and dancing when she heard good music. She was born in the Philippines but grew up in Canada since the age of 11.  Fortunately, music and dance are universal languages that transcend barriers. Since then, dance became a means of expression, escape and belonging. Dance had become such a huge part of her life that what was once only a ‘hobby’ had finally become her purpose and drive.

Queenie’s earliest training in urban dance styles began in 2010 with York University’s Hiphop Competitive Team, Stylewize. After graduating in 2012, she continued to train with friends, and with friendship rooted in the love of dance, DEUCEnDIP was formed. Being a part of an All-Female dance crew was a major milestone and platform for Queenie’s dance career. Dancing with DEUCEnDIP taught her how to dance as a strong and confident woman, how to be a working professional and how to be a team member.

At around the same time (2012), Queenie also began training under FLAVORSHOP founder and mentor, Lenny Len. Till this day, she continues to master and improve on her skills as a dancer, choreographer and teacher because she believes that growth only happens when you make room for it.

She aims to share what she has learned in her own dance journey to the next generation of young female dancers – to help them discover themselves through dance and to equip them with the necessary skills and mindset to become successful in their own dance journeys.


Performance credits include: New Music Live, Much Music, Electric Circus, World Pride, Canada’s Walk of Fame, Canadian Urban Music Conference, Toronto’s Urban Film Festival, Desifest and more.